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How long does it take to complete one up-do/make-up application?
On average 30-45 minutes are required per service per wedding party member. For an extra large party, we provide additional stylists and make-up artists with no charge to you.

What should we do the day of the wedding?
Relax and let us do all the work! The day of the wedding, we arrive at the location of your choice. For smaller wedding parties we require two chairs, one for hair and one for make-up. If you have a larger party where additional stylists will be needed, we will require four chairs. The hair stylists will need their chair near an electrical outlet. Please make sure that you and your bridesmaids have dry hair and have not used a flat iron, unless you are getting a blow-out. It is best to wear a button-up shirt or one that easily can be removed without messing up the hair or make-up. 

Are there any travel fees?
Depending on your location, a traveling fee may be applied. If so, this will be discussed during your trial.

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